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Your LOCAL “One Stop” Fashion Shop Home At HoneyWorld Fashions We aim to be your Friendly - LOCAL - “ONE STOP” - Fashion  Shop, helping You and your family to look and stay looking your best! Welcome

Hi, my name is Oyinlola and I have been in the fashion business for many years now.  My Local Shop is located in Bells Hill, Barnet .... Why not pay us a visit and see what we (or rather YOU) can do for your family at prices comparable to the High Street.

Ladies Fashion

A wide range of Ladies Fashion and accessories  for day-to-day use or something for that special occasion!

Mens Fashion

Keep your man looking his best  - take a look at our Shirts, Accessories and Cosmetics for men. All sizes catered for!

Childrens Fashion

Keep them looking good at home or at school.

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